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What Is An Outgoing Referral?

An outgoing referral is when a CB Bain Broker refers their customer to another brokerage firm/agent outside of CB Bain's coverage areas.

Another Brokerage

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How can

Placement – We are part of the largest most elite broker network nationwide, we can coordinate an interview if requested, and assist with placement of your referral 
(*do not discuss referral fees during agent interview)


Paperwork – We take care of all required referral paperwork with the broker network and our firm

Tracking – We keep you apprised of referral status throughout the process from placement to closing

Payment – We follow up to ensure timely referral payment is received.  When placed through Outgoing Referral Services there is no branch/company split, the split is with the network

Service – Our goal is to provide exceptional service to our brokers and we track performance via service surveys

Giving Back – Our goal is to raise $50,000 for Domestic Violence Housing First (DVHF).  The DHVF approach focuses on getting survivors of domestic violence into stable housing as quickly as possible and then continues to provide support as they rebuild their lives. 


For every closed outgoing referral in 2018 we will donate $300.00!

Here is an example of placing an outgoing referral yourself vs. placing with our elite network and what it could mean to your bottom line:

**Amount to agent in example does not inlcude applicable franchise fees and taxes.

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