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Use our team to make your investment goals a reality!

As a service center, we provide real estate investment services to clients through a team of certified account managers and real estate brokers.


You will experience one point of contact from our professional, dedicated staff to offer exceptional service throughout your customized process.

We offer local, real time market knowledge from a variety of sources.  Our programs are client tailored, meaning we work to meet your property investment goals.




Whether your plan is to flip houses or rent them out to create cash flow, this can be a very profitable business. Determining whether or not a property will make a good investment can be a challenge and time consuming. 

We have the tools to provide area rental history on the property, fair market value, appreciation trends, risk assessment and the demand for housing in that particular area. This information can help you make an educated decision where and when to invest.

Our team can provide a complete market overview and help identify potential investment properties by your specific investment criteria and return requirements.


Our team of Brokers will assist with property selections based on your criteria.  We will complete detailed, concise valuations and cash flow forecasts that will help you determine investment feasibility.

With our vital resources we can provide:

● Retail Market as well as distressed properties

● Ability​ to research tax and utility liens

● Vendor feedback for potential repairs

● Follow up, prepare notices to vacate, rental management

● General contractor referrals and local on hand home improvement vendors for a fast turn around

● Re-list services

Our goal from start to finish is to make your next investment property transaction more time efficient, effective and help you realize your top earning potential!

Pre-to Post-Close

Whether your investment property will be acquired at the courthouse steps, or as a listed distressed property, we are with you each step of the process.

Provide scheduling, monitoring and attending

Distressed Listed Properties

Contract execution, pending sale monitoring and closing coordination


After a successful closing, our team can assist you with getting your new investment home either market or renter ready.

Ready to get started?

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