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Coldwell Banker Bain Relocation Management & Business Development 

Client Program Eligibility Criteria - Departure

Sample Requirements for Client Program Agents (provided by client - Cartus)

Sample Requirements for Client Program Agents (provided by client - Cartus)

  • Must have two (2) year’s real estate experience, preferably listing experience in Washington and/or Oregon 

  • and 10-12 closings per year*

  • Must submit to and pass detailed background security screening [agent paid]

  • Must complete and pass initial and biennial client certification training [agent paid]

  • Must complete initial and biennial client service agreement and a company service agreement that further clarifies requirements for servicing client business

  • Must attend annual live relocation training session

  • Must have current online agent profile that is updated annually

  • Must accept relocation assignments regardless of price range

  • Must be appropriately dressed and have a clean car in good running condition

  • Must have a positive attitude toward the company and relocation

  • Must accept and understand that a referral fee will be paid on all relocation transactions

  • Must agree to never discuss relocation benefit packages with transferees – refer them back to their Relocation Consultant (i.e. Cartus)

  • Must agree to never discuss referral fees with any customer

  • Must meet or exceed service expectations as outlined by each business segment

  • Agree to update Relocation Department with sales information within 1 day of sale and final sales information within 1 day of closing

  • Agree to never ‘reassign’ a referral customer, always refer the customer back to the Relocation Department

*Exceptions will be reviewed on a case by case basis depending on client needs and approval.

Service – Client customers can request an agent reassignment during the referral process.   

Confidentiality – All information and transferee data to be kept confidential.  Information is not to be discussed with any third person or entity.   Client referral fee or program information is not to be discussed with transferee.

Severance of Relationship – If a program agent chooses to leave Coldwell Banker Bain, all active referrals will be reassigned to another program agent.   If a customer elects to stay with the departing agent, the agent agrees to pay all applicable referral fees.  It is important to be aware some customers   may be required per the corporate client to work with a program agent.

Departure Program Agent Summary and Expectations

Departure Program Summary 

Departure referrals initiate from corporate clients (ex. Amazon, Nike, Microsoft, etc.) typically through a third party relocation services provider (ex. Cartus, SIRVA, etc.).    Departure referrals are competitive listing opportunities meaning our brokerage and a second brokerage are selected to meet with transferees, provide a BMA and a CMA with a marketing plan.  The transferee, with assistance and recommendations from the relocation company, will select the agent they wish to list their home with.

Standard Client Expectations - Departure (provided by client - Cartus)

The following Departure specific requirements are in addition to the sample eligibility requirements provided above.

  • Service all Third Party listings personally (cannot assign to assistant)

  • Complete all Home Marketing and/or Inventory Templates within the required timeframes

    • In accordance with client referral requirements, provide education to homeowners (transferees) about local market conditions, you and your marketing strategy, and the real estate listing process

  • Provide a BMA report with property pictures for the corporate and relocation clients within 24 hours of transferee meeting.  If selected, provide a separate CMA to the transferee

  • Meet or exceed all Cartus Home Marketing and Inventory performance metrics

  • Nurture transferees throughout the process.  Follow up with transferees on a regular basis and provide bi-weekly detailed status updates via web based relocation software program

  • Understand that the seller/transferee cannot sign or execute any of the home sale documents:  contract, counter offers, addenda, etc. as there are tax consequences.  Work closely with Coldwell Banker Bain Departure Account Manager to follow client requirements for offer review and acceptance    

  • Agree to provide a buyer profile

  • If applicable, obtain and forward all bids for repairs and improvements on the contractor bid sheet to Relocation Department (Departure Account Manager) within 5 days of receipt of request

  • Provide BMA value opinions on properties with potentially no listing opportunity as requested or needed by client

  • Provide market information as needed for corporate clients.  Attend client meetings to present market information as requested


2018 Departure Performance Metrics –


  • 35% service survey return rate for all referral closings

  • 95% top tier service results (7 or 8 out of 8) on surveys received



  • 4% or less BMA variance (BMA sales price vs. final sales price)

  • 90% Contract Tool Accuracy

  • 87% Home sale conversion within client timeline (90-120 days depending on client)

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