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If another agent or brokerage firm calls you directly: 

The following questions will be helpful for you to ask:


  • Is your Brokerage firm part of the Cartus broker network?

  • Will the referral be sent through their relocation department?

The following information will be helpful for you to know:

  • Cartus broker network firms have agreements in place for a 35% referral fee 
    (the average referral fee across the nation is 25%)


  • When accepting a referral fee of 35%; please register the customer immediately, as most likely it will be coming through
    CB Bain Broker to Broker Referral desk


  • The CB Bain Broker to Broker Referral desk is here to help you understand the terms of the agreement made with the Cartus Broker Network, and any additional fees involved. 

  • No referral agreement is required to be signed with a Cartus Network Broker, as we have blanket agreements already in place.  For additional information please email - or call (877) 244-5006.


**If the referring agent is asking for less than 35%, it is not a Cartus network referral and the CB Bain Broker to Broker Referral desk will not be involved. 

It is our company policy to put all non-CB Bain Relocation/Business Development referrals on the CB Bain Universal Referral Form to protect you from the potential of dual referral fees.  Please do not sign the other brokerage firms referral form.

What Is An Incoming Referral?

An incoming referral is a referral from another brokerage firm or agent to a CB Bain broker.

Another Brokerage

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