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place a broker to broker referral


Did you know that our company pays annually for us to be part of the LARGEST nationwide broker to broker network?!  So what does that mean for you?

Time is Money!

Did you know when placing a referral to an agent outside of our company it can take a lot of time to

  • Find the agent

  • Interview the agent (or try to, with two agents scheduling can be tricky!)

  • Negotiate a referral fee

  • Sign a referral agreement

  • Hope your customer likes the agent, and uses them!

  • Follow-up with them for status updates

  • Providing the correct documentation to accounting in order to get paid correctly

We can do all of this for you saving you time to sell real estate!

Broker to Broker Help Desk

  • The network, B2B Link ensures your referral fee is paid!

  • Your referrals are placed with certified (experienced) and background checked agents that belong to the top firms across the country

  • You can interview network agents prior to placement

  • Referral rates, agreements and all required documentation are already in place

  • The Network works within one system for fast, seamless communication

  • A dedicated CB Bain National Broker to Broker Account Manager ensures placement and referral follow-through

  • You will receive timely updates and status reports through the life of the referral

  • B2B Link has the highest conversion rates in the Nation!

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