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REO Inventory Management

Foreclosure Inventory

Business Development manages all aspects of the REO sale process from billing, Cash for Keys, trash outs, utilities, listing, negotiations as well as other standard REO procedures. We provide a timely and comprehensive Broker Price Opinion based on over 20 years of real estate experience.

We have built a solid reputation through tracked performance and service provided to our clients in terms of BPO variance, days on market and inspection report results. Our team of professionals' skill and understanding of the real estate market and REO process will assist our client realize their goals in the marketplace.

Services Offered

● One point of contact

● Occupancy checks

● Fast, accurate, comprehensive interior BPO valuations
● "Cash for Keys" negotiations & exchanges
● Coordination with Eviction Attorney & Sheriff lockout team

● Arrange rekeys, winterizations, trashouts, utility transfer & securing property

● Professional estimates and repairs with experienced licensed and bonded contractor teams

● Timely & accurate reporting

● Coordination with Title Companies for lien removal / HOA

● Internet advertising

● Digital & online capabilities

● Investor network

● Full-service licensed team

● Fully trained and experienced REO staff support

● Quarterly market overview stats of our​ various markets

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