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Additional Resources Provided Through

Intra-Company Referrals – Assistance with locating CB Bain agents outside of your coverage area

International Referrals – Assistance with locating resources so brokers can place international referrals


Rentals – Assistance with locating network brokerages that may have rental services

Though Coldwell Banker has an international presence, placing international referrals can be a bit challenging due to different governing laws, taxation, licensing, exchange rates, time zones, residency requirements, property rights, intended use, cultural differences, language barriers, etc. (i.e. some countries do not have licensing requirements for “agents”, or allow funds to be wired outside of the country, and some do not accept referral agreements as common practice). 

We do our best to assist our brokers with locating resources.

Referrals to Canada and Puerto Rico can be placed with our network brokers through Coldwell Banker Bain’s                                            

For other international locations, you can locate a broker through the below links

Bain Logo 2019.jpg  |  (877) 224-5006

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