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Home Partners of America

If you do not have a Home Partners profile, please to the registration guide here

**Important Note: When registering your information, please use your @cbbain.com email since that is how Home partners will be able to associate your account with our master account.

After you login to your Home Partners account; you will need to complete the HPA free agent course located here

Once registered and course is completed, please notify jamiegirvin@cbbain.com; we will then link your HPA account to ours so we can assign customers to you. 


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Property Submission

STEP 1: Zap Pre-Launch Videos

Please refer to the attached how to document to locate these videos. 


These videos are designed to familiarize you with the basic features and functionalities of Zap.  All videos are short and content specific.  

STEP 2: Access your Zap Dashboard

**Zap works best in Chrome, if you do not use a Chrome browser, please download one**

Click here to access a free Chrome download.

Click the button below to access Zap.

Login ID is: firstname.lastname@coldwellbanker.com, if you do not remember your password, click “password" to the right hand side of your screen.  Select "Coldwell Banker" and then input the above username.  You can either answer a secret question (if you set one up) or just email yourself a temporary password. 

Once you reset your password write it down, you will need to remember this!

STEP 3: Zap Post-Launch Videos

Please refer to the attached how to document to locate these videos. 

These videos are designed to continue to build on your foundational knowledge of Zap.

STEP 4: Zap Community Resources

The Zap Community is an endless resource of questions, answers and feedback!  

Login into Zap and then, click here to access the Zap Community.

You can type any question in the search field and it will bring up discussions and answers.  If you do not find an answer you can also post a question, or call the Zap support line: 877-426-5393.

Additional Resources - Uploading Your Contacts

The Zap Bulk Import allows you to upload multiple Contacts into Zap at once from a CSV file.  

Please reload

Save these numbers to
your cell phone!!

HES > (203) 456-2836

Home Partners > (970) 660-5323

Text Messages > 862-59

Get the Zap CRM App!

You can manage your referral customers on the go!  

Go to the APP store and search "ZAP" here is what it looks like:

Have Questions or Need Help?

Call Jamie at (425) 467-1576